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    Application to TheGame | CorteX- [Denied]



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    Application to TheGame | CorteX- [Denied]

    Post by -eXe on Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:22 pm

    1. In Game Name: (Please Include any previous names before name changes and previous accounts) - CorteX-
    2. Do you have any banned accounts? If yes please explain with links to relevant details on the Nexon forum. - -ExeCutiion ~> PauseZ- (got banned cause I have been scammed) ,
    3. Real Name:Avi
    4. Nationality:Russian/Israel
    5. Age:18
    6. In Game Rank:CSM 4
    7. Previous Clans: Well . since im playing since 2009 , I will write in shortly the good clans that I remember that I been there : Supreme.IL an Israel ESL team / Clan that presented Israel in esl and etc , The Memories ( Old clan with Martin ) , I met there Martin , he were playing alot there in this clan , Was really good clan . Honoring , another great Israeli clan that was known in europe and was one the best clan in israel , Legion.B , myANIMAX , The Mission - another great clan with _Noize the leader , was International clan , I enjoyed their alot . Classico. my own clan , was One of the best of the best clans in Israel , was known in Europe , was International.
    8. Why did you leave your previous clan: Supreme got closed cause Unactivitiy , so Is The Memories , I think everybody there took a break and stopped playing , also in Honoring cause the Unactivity the clan closed , Legion.B , Due the unactivity i left in the old days ... myANIMAX was closed i think ... , The Mission was also clsoed cause the Unactivity of alot players in the clan . My own clan Classico. , After having a 5 Level clan with a 75 % Win rate , due the Unactivity of all the members of the clan , I closed him after 1 year and 3 months.
    9. Which of our members do you know: dmrvc_ playing with him publics , a cool guy , nice to talk with him , Noize if he is in the Clan , mantucis , Tommers if he is in the clan , Martinzho I know him since 2010 , a very good friend of me that i miss him Very Happy Very Happy , -xEGx- Also espen another great dude that i met 2 or 3 years ago , great player and great dude , Seraphyna if he is in the clan , Nastox- if he is in the clan ...
    10. Why do you want to join TheGame: Well, I have always wanted to join Duke-Gaming , and since i wasnt playing alot cause having not alot time cause of the school , didnt have a chance to apply and to play alot , and now i have free time to play and be active and I search SnD clan that plays alot of Cw's , Male clans I like to play WOGL , Go4CA and thats intersting , International clan + Intersting guys that I can learn from them alot .
    11. Provide a link to your ESL Profile: (If applicable) : ---
    12. Previous FPS experience: Counter strike 1.6 , League of Legends , Combat arms ...
    14. What do you expect of TheGame and what can TheGame expect of you? : I expect from all the members to be honrobale that they got the chance to play in TheGame. , Thats a very good clan , that not everyone can join there .
    15. Please include any other comments you feel are relevant to your application : I miss martin , Kisses to him from me <3
    TG. Leader
    TG. Leader

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    Re: Application to TheGame | CorteX- [Denied]

    Post by tGenizho on Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:29 pm

    Thank you for your application.
    Your application is going to a voting area and results will be posted here within next 5 days. Thank you for your time.


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