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    Application to TheGame | -SagiGamer [Denied]



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    Application to TheGame | -SagiGamer [Denied]

    Post by SagiGamer on Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:14 am

    1. In Game Name: -SagiGamer

    2. Do you have any banned accounts? Yes, SyRuP__x3 (powerleveling)
    And the original SagiGamer (without the "-") but I can't find the topic maybe because It was too old.
    Those bans happened long time ago, And since then I have learned my mistakes.

    3. Real Name: Sagi

    4. Nationality: Israeli

    5. Age: 17

    6. In Game Rank: 1LT

    7. Previous Clans: Supreme.IL(2010-2011) , And then friends clans.(not serious one)

    8. Why did you leave your previous clan: Because I wanted something serious and mature.

    9. Which of our members do you know: Martinzho and EG from Victor game rooms. I played with them snow valley and I was interested in their clan so I asked them if I can join and they told me to send application right there.

    10. Why do you want to join TheGame: Because I want to join a mature clan with a mature guys, And I used to play WOGL a lot in the past and I didn't find a good clan for it.(and now there is a GO4)
    I'm saying this because I want to join a clan with a fair rules(Only male characters and not an OP items.(speed and weapons)

    11. Provide a link to your ESL Profile: esl.eu/eu/combatarms/player/5420262/

    12. Previous FPS experience: BF3 , COD MW3 and BO2 , A.V.A

    14. What do you expect of TheGame and what can TheGame expect of you? I am expecting that 'TheGame.' will be an active clan and that means to play at least a few games every week.. Im expecting to meet a new great people and to have fun with them in the TS Smile
    'TheGame.' can expect from me an active player and a funny person to talk to and also meet a new nice member.

    15. Please include any other comments you feel are relevant to your application.
    TG. Administration

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    Re: Application to TheGame | -SagiGamer [Denied]

    Post by Amko on Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:44 pm

    Thank you for your application.
    Your application is going to a voting area and results will be posted here within next 5 days. Thank you for your time.

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