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    [Member] Spitles

    Post by Spitles on Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:54 am

    Hey there guys !
    So let's get started

    About Me:
    My real name is Andry, I am 17 years old from Paris (yeah boi, the best city in the world  Neutral ) and I am going to the university in September to study sports, all of them I believe and also the differents body parts. I play basketball whenever I have the time to (trainings but also on the playground) and I watch a lot of it, but also from other sports : I am a really big sports fans. I could watch curling all day or other "shitty" sports, but as long as it is a sport, I don't really care.
    Actually, I am working on getting my driving licence but I really hate the theorical part.. I already know how to drive but I have to get the highway code..

    About Combat Arms:
    I started playing in 2009, alone. I had just discovered FPS games. I played with a lot of French people until 2011 when I made a break. I came back in the end of 2012 for a few months and then I made another break. I made them breaks because my computer couldn't run the game like right now (and still now it is not as good as it should be). But during this few months when I could play, I discovered S&D. And finally, I came back in the end of GO4CA Cup.

    Clans i have been a part of is: French Skillers, Dre4m Of ReVenGe, Original Dream, Hostile-Gaming, French Squad, DynamiX, Grimblade Inc., Duke-Gaming, ArxN, ParaDiigit., TheGame.

    About TheGame.:
    When ArxN was terminated, I went for 1 or 2 days in some "heroes" clans, until Martin reached to me and proposed me to come play with the actives from ArxN. Since it was the only clan playing male and not OP (with Legion.B and ParaDiigit) and was really opened and good too, I joined it. I met people I used too play with back in Duke but also members that I haven't the pleasure to play with. I am really really proud to play here and with you guys. Hope it will stay like this, even if the game is broke now...

    There you go, your baQQuette introduction.

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    Best BaQQuette
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    Re: [Member] Spitles

    Post by Amko on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:17 pm

    Legion.b is like the biggest peeking clan. Everyone is peeking the hell out of everything.

    But nice Spitles. Going to a sport university, I love it. Good luck mate
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    Re: [Member] Spitles

    Post by Martinzho on Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:28 pm

    Very nice to hear from you too Spitles, our own baguett Very Happy 

    i like that you feel good in this clan, and like you here, thats very very good Smile
    Goodluck for your driving license and the sports university!

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    Re: [Member] Spitles

    Post by tGenizho on Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:58 pm

    Best Baguette ever! I wish you Good Luck at the Sports University & for your Driving License bro! Smile
    Very proud that u're a part of TheGame. !


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    Re: [Member] Spitles

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